18 October 2010

These Boots are Made for Walking in the Rain

It started last year, after Ondoy, but only became a must buy when I realized I was going to watch an outdoor concert in the pouring rain -- I need rain boots.

And not just the ugly, bulky Wellies that Manong Police wears during a down pour. If you're gonna buy something, might as wear be something fashionable yet functional, am I right girls? :) Thus began my quest to find the perfect rain boot!

I mean, come on, what girl could resist such cute designs? It's a perfectly practical purchase!

My enthusiasm for the boots extended to my mom, my dad, and even to the yayas who hinted that they too needed boots when they go to the market. 

So now that the rainy typhoon season is upon us, check out Ready for Rain which distributes the super popular Plueys locally (so popular, I saw about 5 designs walking around during the John Mayer concert!). 

You can also check out Multiply shops online and your local department store for some bargain finds and cute kiddie styles. And yes, I now have a pair of my own :)
Disclaimer: This post is not a paid advertisement.

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  1. Hi Monica,

    We'd like to invite you a mom blogger event this afternoon at The Fort where we will be launching an All Natural Baby Food line. :)

    Hope you can send me an email if you are interested so I can send you the e-vite. :)


    Geia Macatangay


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