08 July 2010

Homeschool Lessons: Shapes!

This lesson is an easy one, especially for my first grader, so I decided to put a twist to it, and make it more fun and enjoyable for the kids.

Each child was handed a list of shapes -- circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond, star and heart. They take this list and find objects around the house with those shapes. To make it fun, I handed them a digital camera to document their finds. We then uploaded the pictures on the computer, and they traced the shapes they found in each picture.

Gaby was excited with her assignment, and quickly found her shapes. Here are her pictures:




The boys combined their efforts for their work. Gaby is currently creating a PowerPoint presentation of her pictures, so she can "teach" her Papa when he gets home. Already I'm thinking of doing this activity again, this time with 3D shapes, like cubes, cones, spheres, etc. 

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