15 October 2010

Looking Back at Our "Trick or Treat" Costumes

It's that time of the year again -- candies, door-to-door knocking, and kids in costume.
Time for some "Trick or Treating!"

I've been thinking of what theme or costumes the kids can wear this year. Of course, I don't want to spend so much on something they'll wear once a year, though the boys have taken to wearing their superhero costumes when they feel like it :) And I'm not that creative to come up with something from a cardboard box, like a refrigerator, an air conditioner, or Wall-E (so cute!). What to do... what to do...

But before I figure out what our upcoming get-ups will be, here's a look back at the previous costumes we've had:


Jaime as The Joker
He won Best Costume in two different
Trick or Treat celebrations!
Joaquin as Batman
The cape is vintage
-- it was Ninong Rio's when he was a kid!


Joaquin as Michael Jackson
He's a big fan of the King of Pop,
and he won Best in Costume too!
Jaime as a pirate
Hat and eye patch from a cousin's party,
vest from last year, and make up by me.

Jessica as Pumpkin Princess and
Sophia as Chinese Baby

All outfits were previously worn by Ate Gaby!
Me and Gaby as Liesel from "Sound of Music"
Gaby's wearing a dress from a school musical
she did, and sang Liesel's "16 Going on 17"

Photos courtesy of AheadStart Preschool, Uncle Sam, and Ninang Monina


  1. Super-"DEE"-duper cute! :) Guess what I'll be for Halloween?!!! Clues: water, hair. :p

  2. Waaaaahhhh!!! Alam ko kung ano yan! :) Gaby will be over the moon! Oh, and your god-daughter Jessica loves her too :) Send piccies please!


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