28 October 2010

Homeschool Lessons: Super Typhoon Juan

Last week, classes were cancelled due to Super Typhoon Juan. But since we're homeschooling, classes were not suspended. In fact, the super typhoon gave us a unique opportunity to do a science activity/project.

I was inspired by an article in The Philippine Daily Inquirer about students being taught how to record rainfall. So I thought, we could do that too!

Armed with the day's newspaper, our Childcraft book on weather and space, a measuring cup, and ruler, we set out to learn more about storms or typhoons, and then track down the weather changes and measure the rainfall during the two days Juan visited the country.

Click here to see Gaby's observation on Typhoon Juan.

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  1. wow. Thats great Mon! and congrats on hosting the homeschool con. =)


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