03 November 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

Still tired from three days worth of Trick or Treating! Our candy jars are full to the brim. But the kids had loads of fun! Check out their costumes this year.

TRICK OR TREAT #1: Village trick or treat
After 6 years, a dream come true!
Jaime as Ron Weasley, Joaquin as Harry Potter,
and Gaby as Hermione Granger
Jessica as Pink Fairy Princess and Sophie as Pumpkin Princess
TRICK OR TREAT #2: Nestle Philippines, Rockwell
Jaime as Darth Vader, Gaby as R2D2,
and Joaquin as Luke Skywalker
TRICK OR TREAT #3: Kids Church @ Victory Greenhills
I join in the fun!
Jaime as Superman, Teacher Mama as Marie the cat,
Joaquin as Batman and Gaby as Supergirl


  1. thanks mama for bringing us to trick or treat!

  2. i love the harry potter theme!

  3. @Gaby -- as long as you guys had fun :)

    @Ponsy -- i loved it too! hahahahaha! I think I enjoyed it more than the kids, to be honest.


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