02 July 2010

Pajamas at Flapjacks

It was a holiday last Wednesday, and although the country had reason to celebrate, my family started our own celebration early that morning.

My hubby and I woke up all our kids, and went to Flapjacks Greenhills for our breakfast. We usually go there as a treat for the three older kids, letting them wear their pajamas as we eat. This time, it was a mini-feat for Dennis and I, as it was our first time to bring the 1.8 old babies, Sophia and Jessica, without our yayas.

But the real reason for our dine-out was to celebrate Gaby's high marks in her diagnostic test.

Now I know diagnostic tests are just mere indicators of the child's learning, but it was the first test for Gaby, and she scored really well! Here are some pictures of our breakfast outing:

Sophia, Gaby, Jaime, Joaquin and Jessica



Can't express how proud we are of our kids! 
God has truly blessed our homeschooling!    


  1. aww.... that's sweet monica. love the idea of eating out in pyjamas!

  2. it's the kids fave part... that and the waffles & pancakes :)


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