03 July 2010

Treasure Hunting for Books

I love books.

Love, love, LOVE, love, love books! My favorite thing to do in the mall is to go to a bookstore, and browse through books. I like to look at my favorite titles on display, and touch them as if to say, "Hello, friend!" Then I put them back. Somehow, I feel a bit smarter just looking through books, knowing that If I read them I gain knowledge. There's no way you can lose from reading books!

But I'm a bit of a cheap skate. I can't imagine spending P500 on a book (unless it was the latest Harry Potter, then I would wait in line to be the first one to have it. Done that). For me, I would only spend money on a book if it is necessary for school, work or church.

Which brings me to my favorite book destination -- second hand shops!

I love going through the numerous titles, rifling through stacks and stacks of books until I find an interseting read. And when I find a must-read book, it's like discovering a hidden treasure! Then I never let it go.

I do have one condition in selecting a second hand book -- nothing more than P100. Did I mention I'm a cheap skate? It's rare that I purchase something more than my budget, unless it falls under the category I mentioned before. My reasoning is, the cheaper the find, the more books I can buy!

Sometimes I reward my kids with a P50 budget and a trip to our nearest second hand bookstore. Sometimes I treat myself too! I've also bought books for my husband and resource materials for homeschooling. All for a very affordable price!

My fave book spots are the more familiar ones -- BookSale, Book For Less and Chapters & Pages. I've been lucky to find some pre-loved books in garage sales too.

Here are some of my favorite finds:


Here are links to BookSale and Book For Less. More on books in my next posts :)

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