11 July 2010

'Coz Homeschool is FUN! And other great reasons why we homeschool


  1. Hi Mommy Monica! :) I found your blog when I googled "Teacher Mama" :) I also have my own blog about teaching preschool at home (although informally) :) and coincidentally it's called http://teachermamarules.blogspot.com :) I also have a more detailed blog about our life in general at http://trulyrichmom.com :) I hope you can add both to your link list! :) I am also following Mommy Michelle Padrelanan's blog, and we've chatted a few times on FB! It's so nice to see blogs like yours! :) Btw, what curriculum do you use nga ulit and how old were your kids when you started hsing them for preschool? :) Thanks and blessings be upon us all! :)

  2. Hi Teacher Mama Tina! Will definitely link your blogs :)


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