03 March 2011

How Jaime learned how to add/subtract

My son Jaime has a different learning style from his siblings. A very animated boy with an active imagination, he learns best by touching, feeling, experiencing. When taught through these avenues, Jaime remembers the learning concepts well. 

So I was frustrated challenged one day when teaching Jaime how to add +1 or +2. I mean, how simple is it to add 1 using the number line?? Yeah, Jaime couldn't get it.

So here's how we solved that problem. I took a chalk and started writing on our stairs 1-10. Then I had Jaime stand on a particular number. If I said "plus one," he took one step up. If I said "plus two," he took two steps up. We repeated this process until he was able to answer his "plus one/two" questions without having to climb stairs, but by visualizing/imagining he was climbing the stairs.

Jaime liked his lesson that day. I was just tired of climbing up and down the stairs with him! (Yes, I know, I need exercise)


  1. That's a real cool way to teach Jaime basic math, Mon.

  2. Thanks, man! Had to think out of the box for Jaime. Tough to think of creative ways to learn when you have 5 kids :)

  3. Wee oooh wow! Thumbs up Mama Monica! You hit two birds with one stone :-) exercise exercise! :-)


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