14 February 2011

Date Nights with my Husband

It's Valentines Day, and as I type this, I'm getting ready to go out on my third dinner date with my husband this week. To top it off, all our dates have been blessings to us (i.e. we don't pay for them/they're for free!). 

Dating your spouse doesn't have to be limited to special occasions such as Valentines Day or anniversaries. Dennis and I try to go out once a week just to spend time with each other. It may be a movie, a lunch date, or just walking-in-the-mall-with-matching-holding-hands *sobrangcheesy*. 
Spending time with each other, away from everyday activities, is crucial for any married couple. It helps us remember that time when it was just the two of us-- no kids, no bills, no work, no responsibilities, no worries. Remember those *kilig* moments? Talking about absolutely nothing? Truly enjoying each other's company? Those are the times we try to bring back when we go out on date nights.

He's the other half of our married heart :)
But it does take hard work. Having to carve out time from a busy schedule, or turning down some commitments just to hang out with your spouse is difficult in today's hectic life. It takes a lot of effort to plan the best Valentines date, so why not give the same effort every week? Give it a try! I doubt if there are people who would take it against you when your reason for not going to a meeting is, "I want to spend time with the love of my life."

It's funny that our kids get jealous sometimes when they see us going out, but we assure them that we'll take them out on individual dates too.

So enjoy this day of hearts with your spouse, and hopefully, it does not end today. Make everyday Valentines Day!

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