23 September 2010

Foodie Post: Outback Steakhouse

Back on the bloggerspehere to post about something I love: FOOD!

I love to eat (my waistline does not deny it)! I've declared myself the official taste-tester in the family, but suprisingly I don't cook. I leave that to the experts of the house -- my mom and Manang Lagring. I've posted pictures of our favorite Sunday Specials, but I'd like to share some of our favorite restaurants too.

Let me start with Outback Steakhouse!

This is a classic restaurant which my girlfriends and I would pop in during our college days for some Bloomin' Onions and Frozen Margarita (they make the best in town!).

Lately, my family and I frequent Outback Steakhouse in Libis which has a kiddie corner the kids love to play in.

Here are some shots of our favorite orders:
Dee with his favorite, The Bloomin' Burger!
A big burger for Big Daddy -- he never fails to order this.
My new favorite, Crispy Shrimp Caesar Salad!
What a combination! Crispy shrimp tossed in Asian-chili sauce is pared nicely with the crisp,
cold crunch of the romaine lettuce topped with caesar dressing.
The Bloom Tower (a classic!) with the kids favorite, Spaghetti and Wings Combo.
Note the complimentary bread and butter -- another favorite!

But good food isn't the only thing that we love about Outback Steakhouse -- it's also their exceptional SERVICE! We love the friendly, helpful people that never fails to give us a genuine smile whenever we visit.

If you want to win Outback Steakhouse Joey Cards for your kids (discounts and freebies!), tune in to Magic 89.9 every Sunday from 7-10am for Big Daddy's Playground, where they give out Family Lootbags if you join "Daddyoke/Mommyoke!"

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