30 June 2010

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

Hang on, hang on -- don't go yet, dear readers!

This isn't another *gushy* post about vampires, werewolves, and anything Twilight (I save those for Harry Potter). Please stick around, and read the rest of this piece, for I do have a point I'd like to share with you.

First... ok, fine. I'm Team Jacob.

My apologies to those who oppose, but I have this thing about falling in love with your best friend... I fell in love with mine! So, I never understood Bella's attraction to one undead, Edward Cullen.

Is it 'coz he's unattainable? Forbidden love? Is that what every girl wants 'coz it's exciting? How is he ever the ideal guy, when Jacob who stood by you and will love you "till your heart stops beating" is right there in front of you? And you'd give up your humanity for a cold, blood sucker? INSANE!

But after watching "Twilight: Eclipse" last night (thanks, hunn for the tickets!), I suddenly agreed with Edward on one crucial point.


In one scene, Bella was left in the Cullen house with Edward. She took advantage of the situation, and ended up in his bedroom. I was thankful for the director's quick, blurry close-ups so I wouldn't have to watch total awkwardness on screen, but in the end, Edward stopped their sudden passion, saying "I want us to be married first."

Literally, everyone in the room went "Aaaaawwwwwww," and I think some even clapped too (I know I did). It was the scene where EVERYONE reacted, a scene which my girlfriends and I were discussing after the movie was over.

Why did such a simple line cause that much reaction?

Quite simply because in a teen romance movie, the attractive lead guy NEVER refuses the advances of a girl, especially declaring to marry her first before doing the deed. Edward knows this notion is not modern, and Bella even points it out that it isn't old fashioned, "it's ancient."

And yet, it seems, the declaration elicited the most positive response from the audience!

For me, the reaction became indicative of the hidden desires of the modern person -- that despite what today's culture, society, peer pressure, and even TV & movies say, at the back of people's minds, they still want and hold on to the old fashioned principle of what love and sex means.

Yes, people, true love waits.

Most women (especially the men) would say that Edward's values of courtship and marriage is an ideal notion. But listen up guys: YOU CAN BE OUR EDWARD CULLEN TOO!
"Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart." (2 Timothy 2:22)  
So many guys hate the Edward Cullen/Jacob Black phenomenon because they say they can't live up to their girlfriend's standards. Girls, don't lower your standards. Boys, you don't have to have the hair or the abs, or be bloodsuckers or werewolves to get the girl.

You just have to stick to some essential, Godly values such as waiting for marriage.

And because of this, "Twilight: Eclipse" scores a point for Team Edward.

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