14 June 2010

New School Year, New Site, New Look!

Welcome to my new and improved blog, where I chronicle my experiences as a wife, homeschooling mom, and child of God.

Everything's new for this school year! New schedule, new grade levels, new curriculum, new school system, new blog!

I'm really excited, and I hope you can join me and my family in our new adventure :)


  1. Hi Teacher Mama Monica! :) Praise GOD and congrats to you for homeschooling your kids! :) I am also convicted to homeschool our kids. May I ask what curriculum you use and how you get Dep Ed accreditation? What age did you start homeschooling your kids? :) Thanks a lot. God bless always! - Teacher Mama Tina of http://trulyrichmom.com and http://teachermamarules.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Teacher Mama Tina!

    It's great to meet another teacher mama on the web! My eldest, Gaby, is in first grade under Victory Christian Homeschool, which is accredited with DepEd. Last year, I enrolled her at The Master's Academy (TMA).

    We started homeschooling last year, but my eldest is the only one "formally" enrolled, as per DepEd requirement for grade-schoolers. Her siblings (at preschool levels) are all being homeschooled informally.

    Our curriculum is a hodge-podge of materials which we chose upon the recommendation of other homeschool moms, research and availability. My basic criteria is if it works for Gaby and me, then it'll work for the rest. So far, so good though I had to make minor adjustments based on each child's learning style.

    Thanks for visiting this site! Your comment gave me a much needed wake up call to update it :) hahahaha!

    Am enjoying your blog posts too, and learning so much from them :) God bless you and the kids on your homeschool adventure!


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