14 November 2010

Ode to a Puzzle

Last weekend, Gaby and I stumbled upon a garage sale in a village. We dropped by just to look if there were some bargain books we could buy, but ended up taking home a 1000 piece puzzle for the family to enjoy for a steal price of P40!

What started out as a family project became my own personal project. Alas, the kids were not as interested in putting the puzzle together as I expected. I suppose the art work might be too complicated for them than I thought. So I ended up fixing the puzzle myself. Kuya JR (my yaya's son) helped me too. And after three days, the puzzle was finished!

The finished product!
But the worst thing that could happen to a puzzle happened 
-- a piece gone missing!
ACK! Where are you, missing piece?!?
So, with a heavy heart, I had to dismantle my masterpiece...
Dear puzzle, 'till the next time... *sniff*


  1. asus. the only reason the kids were not 'interested' was because you shooed them away everytime they came near. haha

  2. ha! but whenever i asked them to sort out pieces, they'd suddenly run off and played :) Gaby got the hang of it later on, and was able to add about 10 pieces to the puzzle :)

  3. i thought you said 20 pieces?


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